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I'm Bill Fetter, and I believe that all the promises that the marketing and sales technology revolution made are meaningless if they cannot be applied in thoughtful, well designed programs that align with the way that prospective customers want to buy today.  Navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of marketing and sales tools can be overwhelming, which leads to uncertainty about how to best apply them to their business, and often, tying you down to systems that don't really work and don't work well together.  When your Sales and Marketing process is designed as a seamless, measurable end-to-end system supported by the right technology is when these tools can truly lead to game-changing results. In short, you're not tied down, you're UnFettered.    

 I specialize In 

Pardot  Salesforce  ActiveCampaign

Marketing Strategy  B2B Demand Gen 

 B2B Marketing Technology Stack 

Marketing Automation Program Design
 Sales & Marketing Integration 

  Lead to Revenue Business Process  



My Passion:

B2B Manufacturing

I've worked for B2B manufacturers of complex, engineered products for over twenty years in a variety of sales, marketing, customer support, sales development and account management roles. I can help your business build out or optimize a sales and marketing program tailored to your business that correctly leverages the latest digital technology to help you grow, especially if your business has any of these attributes: 

  • Long sales cycle 

  • Large transaction value

  • Makes complex or customized products

  • Sells to buying committees

  • Sells Maintenance / Renewal Contracts   

  • Has a combination of direct and indirect sales staff

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