How to Set the Order of Pardot Public Lists

I strongly recommend using the Pardot email preference center instead of the unsubscribe link for your prospects. But this is a topic for another time.

Today's question is:

"How can I reorganize the order of the lists in the Pardot email preference center? It's doing it alphabetically."

Fortunately the fix here is easy, but it's different than any other list you've dealt with in Pardot.

The first thing is that yes, Pardot will organize the public lists alphabetically or numerically according to the list name. But the list name isn't what appears in the preference center.

When you select public list you get an option for Label that isn't part of any other list you create. It's the Label that is what appears in the preference center. This is true whether you use the out of the box preference center or a custom one.

So the label and the name of the list don't have to be anything alike at all. The easiest way to get the public lists in the order you want is to just number the names in order they are to appear.

I would also strongly recommend that you tag your lists for the preference center as "preference center" or something similar. Tagging Pardot assets are one of the easiest things you can do to easily find them when sorting through large lists of assets.


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