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Stuff I love: Uncopyable

Today's post starts with a shoutout to Steve Miller, another consultant that I admire, and in particular, his book "Uncopyable", which is a distillation of Steve's wit and wisdom from many years grinding it out on the consulting and speaking circuit.

There's a lot of basic commonsense advice in here that a lot of us in marketing seem to have lost sight of, in today's environment of trying every new thing that comes along. I will occasionally chipshot one of Steve's basic principles into the Linkedin discussions that all the digital marketers are jumping on at the moment: "We need a TikTok strategy!" "Why? are your customers using TikTok?" "No! But they might be my customers in 20 years..."

It's a quick and easy read, but it's a valuable one because the way that Steve distills things make them easy to remember: "Who's your Moose?","Make your own Box","Do what everyone else is NOT doing", among others. The basic premise of this book is how you should think about your business in terms of making yourself permanently uncopyable-- and no, it's not about having a better product or the best service.

You'll also learn some valuable lessons on personal branding that you can adapt to your own personal brand as you learn why Steve's title is "marketing gunslinger", what's the deal with the color orange, and how he freely admits he's not for everyone (nor should you be either).

I recommend checking it out. Affiliate link below for the newly-updated paperback edition.



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