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What is UnFettered?

What I Believe

I believe that all of us in business can find ourselves limited and constrained by our own environment.  "This is the way we do things." "These are the norms in our industry." "We tried that and it didn't work."  As a wise person I know once said: "your perception is your reality". 


I believe that the biggest constraint that binds us, especially in sales and marketing is fear.  Fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of being wrong. 

My goal in launching UnFettered Marketing is to help B2B manufacturing companies identify and remove barriers that are holding back sales and marketing success. Most importantly, more than advising, I help you execute on these opportunities.  Being UnFettered means breaking free of your constraints and starting on a new path to success.    

What About that Logo?

The UnFettered Marketing logo is meant to convey several ideas:

  1. Sales and Marketing are meant to be linked to one another, like links in a chain. marketing is the green link, representing potential revenue, and sales is the black link, representing profitable business. 

  2. These links aren't absolute, there are gaps in them. When sales and marketing aren't talking to one another, when there's no strong process for them to be joined, the chain can be detached and the two can drift apart.  This isn't ideal. 

  3. On the other hand, when the links are touching, the gaps represent a free flow of information and ideas between the two groups, loosely connected, both with their respective jobs to do.  The overlap is the area of common responsibility, the handoff, the integration point.​

  4. Therefore, a well designed and integrated Sales & Marketing program represents a conversation, a loose linkage, an exchange.  By being well integrated sales and marketing are not tied down, they are unbound, they are UnFettered.  


My Background:

B2B Manufacturing

I'm unusual for a marketer in that I've got both Marketing and Sales experience. I learned sales by doing tier 3 automotive account management. I also led international distribution business development in the data and telecommunications infrastructure space. 

My marketing experience spans the entire range from traditional offline activity such as literature and trade shows, to the online and digital space, where I've always been a pioneer of applying new technology to amp up the marketing process. 

I've been in the enviable position of marketing quality control and process improvement technology to B2B manufacturers in over 150 distinct industries. When you sell something that can be generally applied to a need that is common across industries you get an incredible exposure to many different types of companies and the markets they serve.  This includes automotive, aerospace, machinery, heavy equipment, electronics, medical devices, sporting goods, and many more. 

I've also managed cross functional teams and worked on process improvement projects in customer support, field service, application engineering, export sales, and sales development. In short, if it's a customer facing activity, I've had experience managing and helping make the customer experience better.  


I can help your business build a customized sales and marketing program that correctly leverages the latest digital technology to help you grow, especially if your business has any of these attributes: 

  • Long sales cycle 

  • Large transaction value

  • Makes complex or customized products

  • Sells to buying committees

  • Sells Maintenance / Renewal Contracts   

  • Has a combination of direct and indirect sales staff


Indiana University Kelley School of Business 

MBA, Marketing & Operations Management

DePauw University

BA, Communication and Business

Tech Credentials

My first experience with computing was managing 12kb of RAM programming a TI994/A  

Since then have been at the forefront of digital marketing and sales technology for more then twenty years. 

I've been using Google Adwords since it was a "new thing".

I worked my web team to build a lead management system from scratch because what we wanted didn't exist at the time. 

I led a design and development team  that launched a 1000+ user instance across over 20 countries at a multinational manufacturer.


I have over 9 years experience using Salesforce CRM and Pardot Marketing Automation, doing things with it that amazed even the Pardot development team.

I have been a member of the Salesforce Marketing Champions program since 2021.  This peer-nominated program recognizes individuals that are subject matter experts and passionate contributors to the Salesforce product community.

I've been on the forefront of adoption of Account Based Marketing platform technology, and have a unique perspective on how it works (and when it won't).

Most important, I never lose sight of the fact that tech is just a tool that's used by people, and must align with a business purpose and goals.


Need some help?

Consultations for Pardot (Account Engagement) and Salesforce questions and support offered by the hour.

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